Democratic revolution and a political coup: the difference.

Libya, Egypt, Ukraine ... Russia?  Which revolution would be able to make political system actually democratic?

A entire civilization including technics, culture and social order, was thought up sometime and by someone. Freethinkers and truly revolutionary ideas give to it a steady movement forward. Meanwhile, much of what is passed off as 'revolution' is nothing more than a change of signboard and 'icons'...

Che GuevaraThe "Russian October Revolution", Comandante Che, the Arab democratic revolution - they have all been surrounded by a golden aura of epic heroism and people's hopes; however an outda- ted governance paradigm dooms true freedom fighters to failure before they even start, and yet again everything turns full circle. But why? Was it an 'people's democratic revolutions'? And was it an revolution at all?

The development of civilization is caused by our desire to know the world, by a change of ideas of it and by the creation of new technologies through which we are changing it and we are changing ourselves. All the false and the ineffective dies off and fading into history, carrying away needless sacrifices and resources; the technologies of common sense are representing achievements and the level of civilization now. Paying tribute to victims and to someone's ups and downs, it's worth noting that only the objective and forward development of technologies has a imperishable universal value to the civilization and our descendants. ... of technologies that save and develop variety of cultures and surrounding world, and expand possibilities of Homo Sapiens. Including a reasonable organization and political forms of government, outside of someone's current misbeliefs, ideological speculation and religions. Democratic revolution, as a step in the general evolution — it is not change of ideologies and their owners, but changing the way of governance for the changed society.

The nation's capacity for development is defined by its intellectual potential and the possibility of its realization. The farther out Homo Sapiens from the monkey and is able to think independently and create a new thing, the less he needs the external brain, 'great leaders' and other highborn primates, who under the thurible and icons of 'only right doctrines' resurrects a cult of monkey tzar in the flock. And vice versa. Slaves need religion and masters. Their 'mind, whip...' and the other missing ingredients are there. The farther the country from barbarism and more it has Homo Sapiens, the closer it is to sanity, alternativeness of views and life-giving competition (= the democracy) in its governance. A direct encroachment on the monopoly. Therefore the alpha monkeys are replacing a genuine democracy with the ersatz and getting rid of Homo (This is the ancient confrontation: Who will win, Homo or monkeys?) ... and are multiplying the flock of 'God's slaves' because they are easily deceived.

Human history has seen more than one political revolution. There will remain meaningful only those revolutions that have improved the political system of management, accelerated the inflow of new ideas and technologies and thus worked for the development of civilization and human being itself as an Homo Sapiens. So, for example, the bourgeois-democratic revolution in the West as alternative to arbitrariness and despotism of a monarchy, gave impetus to the industrial revolution, promoted development of productive forces and the relations, and made the achievements of civilization and the education necessary and accessible to the broad mass of society. Its social structure became complicated. There had emerged political parties representing the interests of various parts of the community, a regular updating of power by way of a democratic election, free and independent media. At the same time the bourgeois revolution has led to dominance the class of a new, money elite and new lords enriching themselves at the expense of the unfreedom of a survival of the rest.

revolution leninWith the spread of capitalism throughout the world, the exploitation, impairments of rights and the wage theft were stronger in the rightless East, recently liberated from serfdom and slavery. Therefore the idea of social equality and a society without exploitation has found more mass support here. In crisis times and with charismatic leaders this has made possible the communist revolution in Russia and the chain of people's revolutions in the rest of the East.

The Russian revolution caused a wave of hopes and expectations throughout the world, the unprecedented enthusiasm and a creative uplift in Russia itself: the nation has been building a new, free and democratic future! But 'the land of slaves the land of lords' had not been mentally ready for democratic change. If the February revolution overthrew the autocracy; the  Bolshevik October Revolution with a feudal bias by taking advantage of the mass ignorance and slave's need for a 'Supreme Mind', has revived the cult of the leader and lord once again. In the course of equalizing the Nation its educated part was annihilated as 'enemies of the people' or has fled abroad, whereas the slave's mind was unable to understand that the 'proletarian revolution', in fact, merely replaced one monarchy with another. Replacing the name does not change the essence! The collective governance of sample revolution 1905 (modern version — Coordination Council) and the promised 'power of workers and peasants' was crushed by the dictatorship of the criminal tzar and new recruited courtiers, slavishly devoted to new master but who was far from ideas of revolution; the unsophisticated people's deputies played only the role of a applauding crowd scene. The basic democratic principles have been trampled. Political dissent, other political parties, independent mass media, any contact with the outside world were forbidden in the 'reservation of freedom' — only the Kremlin dogmatic persons had the right to the truth. 'People's power' was being put forward not by the people; the 'democratic' ELECTIONS OF ONE puppet candidate appointed from above were purely formal, while a lack of competition and of dependence on voters doesn't impel those in power to action and to take care of the population. The elite of 'Kremlin ration' had guarded the equality of the rest solely in poverty. 

The undoubted gains of the revolution such as universal free education, have enabled many scientists, engineers and culture figures fulfill themselves and became an object of well deserved national pride, but slightest deviations from dogmas were punishable by prison, nuthouse or expulsion from the country. With their own creative sterility, the 'Kremlin's watchmen' have jealously guarded the feeding them, but already dying doctrine against any ideological encroachments. Without life-giving ideas and a renewal, the political system becomes outdated and decays from within. When the iron curtain fell, the comparison of political systems was found clearly in favor of more liberal and successful West, both in technologies, and in a standard of living. Supremacy will always rest with more wise and democratic political system employing the full potential of the nation, in the government system - too. New technologies are coming from there, the 'brain drain' is happening backwards.

The communist revolution of 'total equality' as a role model was not able to correct the main thing: the breakaway of a godlike ruling elite from the needs of the rest of society, had proved to be ineffective and incapable of development. And the inevitable economic crisis 80s has provoked a 'democratic revolution' 90s — in fact the revolution of shadow entrepreneurs who grew up in the bedsores of dogmatic and a dying one-party "communist" monopoly. On the remains of an 'eternal truth' and 'common bright future', the thievish of slaves of political regime turned into the new lords and new reigning elite. "I am especially distrustful of a Russian when he gets power into his hands. Not long ago a slave, he becomes the most unbridled despot as soon as he has the chance to become his neighbor's master." - Maxim Gorky              As a payment for the ideological sterilization and fruitlessness, Russia regressed back to the monarchy coat of arms, of impostors this time around.

the fall of the Berlin Wall... With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the other post-communist countries streamed to 'western democratic values'. But Western consumer democracy as a result of bourgeois revolutions also was never a democracy, except at the barricades. This is another's fiesta — 'he who pays the piper calls the tune.' With the growth of the Big Money, the political system which started as a republic has fast degenerated into the plutocracy — an elective but badly hidden monarchy of moneybags which undividedly uses national resources and through price manipulation parasitizes on the rest, by allowing some freedom to them for its own safety. Where temporarily reigning 'guarantors of democracy' serve the interests only of the main sponsors of their election campaigns. During this kind of 'democratic messianism' in third countries — especially ('barbarians' may be paid at levels below, and it is possible to steal their resources in a civilized manner, thus depriving them of self-development opportunity and increasing the welfare of 'metropolitan states'). Again the colonization and slavery — economic, technological and cultural, the role of eternal outsider and supplier of sales markets, cheap labor and raw material resources? ... under the dominance of local and foreign elites?

Everything can be in another way. The real democratic changes start with the revolution in minds. Since ancient times, the struggle of growing elites for a place closer to the campfire and the right to the redistribution of collective resources are the cause of all wars and 'revolutions', where ordinary people inspired by God or by Great leaders is merely a 'consumable material' in a redivision of power and privileges. Such 'revolutions' are replacing only primates feeding at the public trough; the people is idolizing his liberators and heroes ... and is acquiring next freeloaders and tyrants. It will continue as long as at least its thinking part will be able to understand what the problem is not the leaders, but a tasty piece of unipolar power and autocracy — the same cult of monkey tzar which gives unlimited power and possibilities to "supreme" and makes other people nonsignificant. Where each next ideological speculation is just a tool for establishing dominance over the suggestible majority; where intolerance of dissent and of the living idea at all as a source of development and changes is already laid in the unipolarity of power itself and in unilateral decision-making; the kingpins cannot tolerate brainiacs and free competition. The genuine revolution will happen when Homo will come out of the coma, will less chronicle the abuses of those in power and grieve over losses, and will start using their mind for its intended purpose — to create a new thing and humanize civilization in order not to disappear as a species. The beginning lies in a new, multipolar democratic governance system.                                                                                        But, judging by the indicator at the bottom of a site, the species of 'Wise Human' is already on the verge of ...

"Revolution is a payment of the debts of the past, a sign that creative spiritual forces for reforming society were wanting." — Nikolai Berdyaev

"The Sleep of Reason produces ... losers"?  And what do understand by 'revolution'?

Revolution is the breakthrough of consciousness, opening new horizons for the development. A democratic revolution — a completely new way of looking, rethinking and innovation in a system of social relations and governance, that create conditions for the harmonious coexistence of different cultures and parts of society. If it fails to do then it is merely yet another ‘palace coup’ bringing grist to someone else's mill. In the absence of a new, revolutionary technology of governance 'Arab democratic revolutions' (now and Ukrainian) were pointless and doomed to failure even before they started. Replacing leaders and 'religions' doesn't abolish a system allowing arbitrary rule. This wasn't an revolutions as a step forward.  The sacrifices are in vain.

The dominant age-old paradigm of one-person management continues to allow the powers that use to be global resources, tyranny and oppression without control or restraints, causing populations all across the world to political protest. Global eco- nomic crises and the deterioration of the quality of life of ordinary people, provoked by political and economic speculations of 'be in clover' and not burdened with con- science egoists increase the scale of protests to a critical limit.

On a wave of popular discontent the so-called "democratic revolutions" put forth new idols and "freedom fighters" with a "opposite" ideology and with the temptations of the "Gardens of Eden" and "Factories to the Workers!"2 for the unthinking majority. But with preserving the obsolete paradigm of monocracy, the revolutions of one fugleman or one ideological speculation (any fragment — it's only PART of the whole) throw the people into the power of "seducers, who only make their chains heavier than before." — J.-J. Rousseau

Ideas and tenacity create civilization. Ambitions and the obsession of power hungry persons destroy it.                      But they impress the gullible and point the 'only right way'... back to barbarity.                      Leaderism — the religion of slaves.

leader of the Chinese Revolution leader of the libyan revolution leader of North Korea
The suggestible majority naively believes that electing the 'right' political party and the 'right' leader will fix all its problems and will lead to a 'bright future'. The cult of the leader and domination of ONE party can forcibly redistribute National resources and provide a social minimum, but equally they oppress the freedom of initiatives and a competitive spirit within a society, concentrating only on own safety and privileges. The concomitant imitation of the natural, fully-fledged development by means of delusional campaigns and the propaganda bluff only sets back the nation back by decades. Suffice it to recall the results of 'Food Programme' in the Soviet Union and the 'Great Leap Forward' in China. (Blessed are those of 'Great Leaders' who doesn't live to see a senile dementia!)                                                                                     Secondly, the unilaterality and subjectivity of decisions heighten contradictions in the society and the economy. When the imbalance is accumulating, it provokes economic crises, loss of trust of the population and the subsequent change of a regime.                                                                                        At last, in the absence of real dependence on society and open interparty competition the one-party political system is drowning in intrigues and corruption and thus is being degraded from the inside;it is not capable for self-renewal and are uncompetitive. And the imposed political regimes die away together with their despotic owners leaving behind the poverty-stricken and backward country.                                    It is a natural mode of work of the one-party monopoly. It does not work in a different way!                    

Again the same ascendancy of "God's chosen" at the cost of survival of the rest ...     So what's the revolutionism? And what is next? 'We need a new revolution'? — for a next "liberator" and future tyrant? How to break vicious circle? Then the THINKING part of the former captives of a regime addresses to the democratic experience and the political system of more free and successful western countries...

What democratic form of government is capable to function properly for the whole community, be adequately updated and finally bring peace and stability?

The old-fashioned periwigs of 'respected lords' in the parliament which perseveres today that served as a democratic system of checks and balances for absolute rulers were primordially designed just to protect their own interests within feudalism. In addition, the over-crowded and unstructured nature of parliament is not conducive to the discipline, quality and speed of decision-making as well as an effective fight against corruption. In spite of subsequent modernizations, this bulky and amorphous superstructure 'under the big boss' still is deprived of the opportunity to choose priorities and is not motivated by the inter-group competition for leadership and for leadership and for the voices of voters. At last, under proportional  representation the

    Waiting for the coming revolution?

minority political party can't have any significant influence on decisions. These innate defects do not allow "democratic parliamentary government" to effectively represent the interests of all parts of the population thus making it unable to adapt to the modern multicultural society. By origin - it is a rookery for loafers who raise their own status at public expense.             

The 'Big Brother of everyone' and himself promotes his, elite controlled version of "democracy" to the countries of 'the third world'. Is it a democracy? Or this is merely the export of hidden corporate claims to world economic and political domination and resources of other countries with the servile support of local vassals? To 'export' democracy it would be nice, as minimum, to have it.


Republicans vs Democrats    

By the way, and bipartisan "duelling" (two-party political system) is indeed a fascinating spectacle for the politically naive, and it does indeed distract from any kind of serious critique (dare we say "panem et circenses"?). The resulting winner will invariably favour the impresario, backed up by the money of the millions of simple-hearted 'santa clauses'. Everything becomes outdated without renewal. What were once useful past political movement with a working interparty competition have degenerated into a huckster's trick in the modern socially developed society. Now, with little effective difference in approach, the cunning "business model" connives at maintaining the financial status quo of the "Big Money", and is also cautious not to allow "strangers" into the powerful "club". This "closed joint-stock company" is intended not for "the rabble" who are creating the nation's wealth but only for the business elite that is appropriating it "on legal grounds" by its own laws; with that, the degrees of their freedom are separated by the thickness of a purse. The monetization of laws, health care, education, pre-election campaign, etc. puts citizens in obviously unequal We want democracy!conditions. What about a declaration of the "democratic society of equal opportunity"? Meanwhile, the healthy and intelligent nation is possible only when the honest competition and equal access of all its citizens to nationwide resources.

This is hardly the same democracy, as Abraham Lincoln described it, that is to say "government of the people, by the people and for the people"! It is democracy for elites. The democracy for the people can be established only by the people itself; to be precise, by its thinking part.

Unipolar political systems and forms of government on the principle of "the one is the winner, the rest are the losers" were thought up for the elite-hereditary domination over other people, BE IT A CAPITALISM OR A "COMMUNISM". They are unobjective3 and unjust from the start and will never be able to bring freedom, peace and stable equilibrium to a multiform and permanently changing society. Therefore political protests and coups are repeated now and again ...                                                                          Genetically unpredictable gifted persons can be born in any country and family and constitute the driving force of progress. Whose ideas make the world open and whose technologies do you use now? Racial, religious, economic and social speculative barriers and prejudices imposed by egoists for a justification and the retaining their monopoly on power and resources, oppress the potential of the rest of society, erect borders and impede free and fully-fledged development of a civilization.

Despite the resistance and artful imitations of ruling elites, old and new, with purpose of keeping their own monopoly and privileges, the development of civilization makes democratic change and the humanization of mankind inevitable. But in a 'strange' way the democracy is developing in the direction only of external, auxiliary and therefore vulnerable limiters of autocracy: division of the authorities, independent mass media, etc., without eliminating a source and the prime cause of arbitrariness and imbalance in the society: the system itself of individual power and individual decision-making. Though according to common sense "democracy" with one ruler, even if he is elected, this is a "temporary" monarchy with an bias on constant!                                        In a true democracy of several equal participants the balance of interests of different parts of society and the control have to be built into the democratic governance system as early as the decision-making stage. The competition for a survival their equal representatives in the power is more objective and stable motivation than a 'kind whim' any of leaders or the news interest of mass media. And the necessary tools are in their hands.

The chronic abuses of those in power impel freethinkers to modernize an old or to search for new forms of government without anyone's domination. But the history shows that less-organized forms will inevitably be subordinated by more organized. Therefore, unlike the potential dictatorships of anarchy, of direct democracy of the inert and suggestible majority and its electronic version is not rejecting, to the contrary - reasonably using the energy and the organizing role of leadership:            A new, multipolar democratic government comprising several independent parties, which is built on the open and business competition for interests and votes of voters, with a movable centre of joint decisions and with an uncontrollable entrance for the candidate proposed by the people itself, would put an end to discord and would bring society together. The President isn't present more. This means that the conditions for somebody's monopoly and bias also do not exist. A working multi-party system within the power system will convert the steam of political ambitions into useful work and will become a guarantor of tolerance, social stability and well being of the society.

This governance revolution does not give preferences to any of the political ideologies; that is a self-balancing democratic governance system, a step to collective common sense and a new civilization.

Democracy-5-pointed starEvery nation has its symbols. 5-pointed stars can be found in the symbols of many countries.  What do they mean? The plain and simple meaning of a five-pointed star is here:  A multipolar democratic system.

Coups are returning slaves to huts; Consciousness Revolutions are advancing Homo and Civilization forward.   — Who are you and 'Quo Vadis'?

1 — In the Russian language, 'to step on a same rake twice' means to make the same mistake twice, with inevitable consequences for the head.                                                                                            2 — In reality the transfer of "factories to the workers" would mean loss of control over those and others, and of the monopoly on power in the upshot: the economic independence generates the political! This is the second and main reason why 'communist' bonzes were so afraid of 'revival of private property', including the collective. This slogan is no more than the 'decoy duck' and cannot be implemented under the one-party monopoly conditions.                                                                                                      3 — Quality, balanced solutions for the whole society can not be one-sided; the talent and business abilities aren't reproduced "by inheritance".

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